Your Guide Cole "the bull" Sandvik

 You the ambitious hero ready to champion their story. Teams up with Master Trainer Cole The Bull. You get into the best shape of your life and say goodbye to feeling self-conscious.



Don't you deserve to be happy?

  • When you train with me I guide you towards being the best you!

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  • Fulfilling a happy life where you are the hero of your story! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!? Get your happiness back today, and schedule an appointment!


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  • First, contact me. So we can figure out what you need to succeed!

  • Second, We personalize the perfect plan, that meets your needs, makes your life easier, and positions you to win your story!

  • Third, your triumphant success story begins!



  • Are you insecure walking into a gym, with no direction, and feeling inferior?

  • Are you working so hard, seeing no result, and losing on gameday?

  • Do you feel hopeless not knowing what to eat to stay in shape?

  • Are you sick of being unhappy?

  • Feel the stress glide off your shoulders. Because I have solutions to your problems! Schedule an appointment today!



Lauren Bergeson

If you are looking for a person trainer, I 100% recommend Cole! Not only is he knowledge in physical training but also nutrition and recovery. He’s always willing to answer any questions I have. This is his passion and it shows. Not only is he motivated in his personal growth but in the growth of his clients- physically and mentally. He has helped me build more muscle, learn proper technique, and pushes me in every session harder than I would do alone. I’m constantly learning new things and I have truely found value training with Cole.

Cassidy Turner

Cole was very helpful to me Eve not though I was very inexperienced in a gym. He made me feel comfortable going to work out by myself, and helped me learn how to enjoy the exercise! He’s a very positive person and knowledgeable. I was impressed with how much he taught me in even a few sessions!

Iona Larsen

Highly recommend trainer! He’s dedicated and hard working. He thinks outside of the box for injuries I have and takes the time to teach me about nutrition, recovery and routine. Fun personality!

Gunnar Gaul

Great business, even better person. Excellent training methods, Cole really knows his stuff. I'd recommend this to anyone looking to change their life or conquering their goals.



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